15 February 2017 - Calling All Fundraisers
If you are planning an event, have signed up for a sponsored event, or are planning to, then we have a have prepared an information sheet which might help you. Please have a look at our Calling All Fundraisers sheet for more information.

24 December 2016 - Seasons Greetings to All
On behalf of the Committee of Simpsons Special Care Babies, I would like to wish all our supporters a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Without the fantastic efforts of you we could not support the unit in the way we are able to. Many thanks to you all.

4 December 2016 - Christmas Charity Festival
A big thank you to all our supporters who took part in the Christmas Charity Festival in Edinburgh this weekend. We also had a stall in the marquee and committe with the help of some other volunteers covered this in shifts over the weekend. We had a good time doing it and hope you had a good time taking part.

4 December 2016 - Christmas Cards update
If you have not ordered any cars yet there is still time to get an order in ! Please check the Christmas Cards page for up to date stock availability.

14 November 2016 - Christmas Cards update
Another quick stock update - the "Edinburgh" card design is now Sold Out as well.

6 November 2016 - Christmas Cards update
Our cards are continuing to sell well, and we now have two designs Sold Out - Tartan Sheep and Christmas Camper Van, and one Very Low In Stock - Edinburgh. There is still a good stock of the other designs and plenty time to put in your order.

18 October 2016 - Christmas Cards update
Many thanks to everyone who has already ordered their Christmas cards from us. Cards are selling well, and we now have 2 designs Low In Stock. These are Tartan Sheep and Christmas Camper Van. If you have still to place an order and would like any of these designs, I would recommend you get your order in soon to avoid disappointment.

24 September 2016 - Christmas Cards 2016
We are delighted to announce that our Christmas Cards are now available for sale. They are now available to view online and download our order forms. Hard copy forms will be dropping through the letterboxes of those on our the postal mailing list in the next few days. We hope you like our choices for this year. Click on to our Christmas Card page for details.

22 May 2016 - Edinburgh Marathon
We want to wish all our runners in the Edinburgh Marathon the best of luck for the day next weekend. Here is a poster with some information and a thank you !

13 April 2016 - 2016 Prize Draw
I must apologise for this slightly late notice about our 2016 Prize Draw. This details of this draw were posted on our Facebook page and an oversight meant it ws not put on here.
Tickets are on sale at a cost of £1 each and are available now, with the draw to take place shortly, on 23 April.

If you would like to buy tickets, please drop me an email at and let me know how many you would like, and your contact details. (name, address and telephone number), and we will enter you into the draw. We can accept payment via our BT MyDonate page where we have set up an "event" for the ticket sales.

7 February 2016 - Fundraising Event -
We are very happy to share the details of an event coming up on the 27th of February. It is called "Simpsons Special Saturday" and is a family fun day in the Eric Liddell Centre in Morningside, Edinburgh. It is being organised by the Dutton family as a thank you for the care their son Zander received during his time in the unit. Details of the event can be found on their poster and their facebook page.

Poster : Event poster
Facebook page :
Facebook event :

24 January 2016 - Fundraisers
We have many people fundraising for us in dofferent ways, and ere are just 3 of them who have shared photo's with us recently. Click on the images for larger versions.

Ladies Glitterball
Nicola Campbell and friends organised the Ladies Glitterball last year. She came to the unit on Saturday 23 January to present a cheque for a magnmificent £3,100 ! Pictured is Leylah, Nicola's daughter ,who was a Special Care Baby back in 2001. Leylah is also pictired on the walls of the unit having been part of an art project where pictures were taken of babies hands and feet. Her hands are in the panel at the top of the picture. Also pictured are committee member Jennifer Houliston and consultant Prof Ben Stenson.

Carol Singing
Fiona Croal and friends did a Carol Singing fundraiser at Multrees Walk Edinburgh and raised £382.50. Thank you and well done to you all.

Boxing Day Dip
Gemma Hay and some family and friends decided to have a Boxing Day Dip. This was to rasie funds in memory of her niece Madelyn. They raised an amazing £1,300, which with Gift Aid will be £1,600. Gemma says "It was an extremely cold and wild day and the sea was freezing but we may well have started an annual fundraiser !".
Braving the Boxing Day cold water were (left to right in the second picture) :

Gavin Hay, Gemma Hay, David Buchan, Peter Main, Scott Mcnally and Adam Gordon (Madelyn's dad).

13 December 2015 - The Butterfly Charity
We were delighted to be invited to a cheque presentation held today at the Hilcroft Hotel in Whitburn, by the Butterfly Charity. The charity has been raising money all year and has split it three ways, between Cahonas Scotland (awareness of male cancers), St Andrews Hospice, and ourselves, and we were presented with a cheque for £2,500. Thank you so much to the three ladies who run the charity - Liz, Charlotte and Margaret - and to everyone who helped them raise such a fantastic amount of money, with the sole aim of giving it away to other charities.

4 December 2015 - Christmas Cards update
We have added another two designs to our Sold Out list. These are :

2 - Snowman Family
8 - Modern Christmas Tree

We have a good stock of the remaining cards, but if you are still intending to order cards please get your order in as soon as possible as delivery times will be starting to take slightly longer as normal Christmas Post gets busier at Royal Mail.

12 November 2015 - Trolley Keyrings
Good news !These are now back in stock and available for purchase again.

6 November 2015 - Christmas Cards update
Our cards are moving very quickly, so just to recap, the following cards are Sold Out :

1 - Greetings from Edinburgh
4 - Winter Coo
9 - Nativity
10 - Bumper Pack

5 November 2015 - Christmas Cards update
Unfortunately Greetings from Edinburgh and Bumper Packs are now out of stock as well. Slighlty better news is we have just placed an order for more trolley keyrings. We hope to get them soon but will still hold off accepting orders for them until the new stock arrives.

4 November 2015 - Christmas Cards update
Our Christmas cards are selling well and we have updated our cards page with indications of availability. Greetings from Edinburgh, Winter Coo and Bumper Packs are now all low in stock, and Nativity is sold out, as are our keyrings. Keep an eye on the page for further updates as we go. We hope to get more key rings in in the near future, but are not accepting orders for them at the moment to avoid disappointment.

4 November 2015 - Next Committee Meeting - 16 November 2015
Our next committee meeting takes place on Monday 16 November, starting at 7.30pm in the Seminar Room within the Neo Natal Unit at the Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health, at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh. As ever, we are always happy for new members to come along and get involved and share new ideas and skills and would love to see you. If you are interested in attending, can you please email, purely so we can make sure we have enough chairs !

20 October 2015 - Christmas Cards leaflet
I have now uploaded an amended verion of card brochure/order form. All details are now matching. (phew !)

16 October 2015 - Christmas Cards leaflet
We've had it pointed out that there is a "typo" on the order form part of our leaflet this year. For the cards "A Gift From Santa" and "Hanging From The Tree", the name and prices are correct but the card number from the leaflet has been mixed up. The Excel spreadsheet has had this changed and we are trying to get an amended PDF which we will upload as soon as we have it. Hopefully this does not cause too much confusion !

11 October 2015 - Christmas Cards Now Available
I am delighted to announce our cards have finally arrived and we are able to put them on sale. A little later than hoped but this was unfortunately outwith our control. Please visit our Christmas Cards page for all the details. It is also worth checking there for stock updates as we do give notice if any are low in stock or sold out.

Please note this first week also coincides with our school holidays so any orders received in the first few days will be dealt with from Friday 16 October onwards. Thank you for your patience !

6 October 2015 - Christmas Cards
We have had a number of enquiries regarding our Christmas Cards for this year. There has been a bit of a delay at the printers and we hope to have them soon. We will keep you updated and as soon as they are available we will get them on the website.

3 June 2015 - Next Committee Meeting - 8 June 2015
Our next committee meeting takes place on Monday 8 June, starting at 7.30pm in the Seminar Room within the Neo Natal Unit at the Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health, at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh. As ever, we are always happy for new members to come along and get involved and share new ideas and skills and would love to see you. If you are interested in attending, can you please email, purely so we can make sure we have enough chairs !

22 April 2015 - The Great Scottish Walk & Run Festival
Interested in a challenge ? Well, you might just find one to suit your level at this years Great Scottish Walk & Run Festival. Click on the link to our page to find out more !

22 April 2015 - Mums In The Know North Edinburgh
We are absolutely delighted to tell you that SSCB is MUMS IN THE KNOW NORTH EDINBURGH Charity of the Year 2015. A huge THANK YOU everyone who voted for SSCB.

22 April 2015 - Do You Know A Baby Hero ?
Do you know a Baby Hero? Babyfirst is looking for Baby Heroes to appear in the 2016 calendar. Baby Heroes are people who have been born prematurely and have overcome various challenges associated with being born too soon to live happy and fulfilled lives. To find out more visit

28 March 2015 - The Fools Charity Fundraiser
One of our supporters has organised a fundraising comedy night being held on 1 April at The Stand comedy club, titled “The Fools. Big Laughs For The Smallest People” . Tickets are £10 and all proceeds are in aid of SSCB. The acts are Susan Morrison, Stu & Garry, Jo Jo Sutherland, and Elaine Miller. So if stand up comedy is your thing - or even if it isn’t ! - why not head along for what looks like will be a good night..
For more information on the comedians and the event itself visit

24 December 2014 - Seasons Greetings
Om behalf of the Committee of Simpsons Special Care Babies, I would like to wish all of our supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Hapy New Year. Your continued support, makes our job as a Committee so much easier.

29 November 2014 - Simpsons Babies - Noah Parker
Noah's father, Simon Parker has been in touch to share Noah's story, and to share the message that even thogh things seem tough, the work the staff in the unit do is wonderful and give our children the best chance of the best possible outcome. A sentiment I personally can agree with, and hopefully you do too. You can read his story and see some picture on Noah's Page.

20 August 2014 - Newsletter
After a gap of a few years, we have produced a new newsletter. We hope you like it and hope to make it a regular feature again. If you have any stories you would like to share in it, drop us an email or a pm via our facebook page. Read the new one here.

16 April 2014 - Knitting For NNU
Enquiries about how to help the Unit are always welcome and thank you to all who connect with the charity to help the ill newborns.

The Unit has told Simpsons Special Care Babies that due to the marvellous kindness of numerous knitters, they have sufficient knitwear for at least the next 6 months. As this knitting is taking up all the limited storage available, the Unit cannot store any further gifts so cannot accept any more donations at this time. The staff on the Neonatal Unit are giving this advice to personal and telephone enquirers also.

Thank you for helping the Neonatal Unit to do their important work of caring for sick newborns.

28 February 2014 - BT MyDonate
We are pleased to announce that we have now signed up with the BT MyDonate service as our main fundraising service. This is the replacement for our workwithus minisite which is being discontinued by them on 31 March 2014. The good news is our new service provides us as a charity a better level of service, such as reclaiming Gift Aid on our behalf, at a lower cost as well.

We know some fundraisers would like us to sign up with as it is one of the most well known fundraising websites. However, we believe BT MyDonate to provide as good a service but with no monthly fees and lower transaction costs, which means more of you hard earned fundraising come to us !

We have removed all links to the workwithus minisite from our website, but it will remain active until 31 March 2014 and from that date it will no longer accept donations.

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