SSCB Merchandise

* New *
Our new style pen is only £1.00 each
* New *
Our canvas Tote Bag is only £2.50 each
* New *
Our car sticker is only £1.00 each
Our PoundSaver trolley keyrings are priced at only £1.50 each

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We also have t-shirts for sale which are available in both childrens and adult sizes, priced at £4 for children and £6 for adults. Sizes available are :

Children : Ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-14

Adult : Medium, Large, Extra Large

If you would like to place an order for any of the above items, please send a note of what you require, along with a cheque made payable to Simpsons Special Care Babies, to the following address :

Simpsons Special Care Babies Merchandise
Paediatric Secretary
The Simpson Centre For Reproductive Health
51 Little France Crescent
EH16 4SA

Alternatively, you can order via e-mail and pay through the "donate now" link. Please do NOT add gift aid for these items and we would be grateful if you could add £1 to orders under £10 to cover our charges - thank you.

Baby Stools

In conjunction with Made To Treasure of Innerwick, we are showcasing hand carved baby stools. As the name suggests, these are hand made and hand carved with any inscription you want. They are ideal gifts for a new babies, Christenings, weddings, or for any occasion you can think of !

The average price of each stool, inscribed with a name and date, is £45. Having seen the quality first hand, you can be assured that this is very good value. For each stool sold quoting our reference (SSCB), we will receive a commission which goes directly towards our fundraising.

Special commisions are also undertaken, with the price on application to Made To Treasure.

Examples of the stools can be seen below - one is an example with a name and date of birth. The other is a little bit more special to us - our name and logo. These are on display in the Neo Natal Unit at Simpsons.

To order a stool, please call Made To Treasure directly on 01368 840736, and remember to quote our reference - SSCB.

Example of Special Commission
Price on application to Made To Treasure

Example of Name and Date
Price : around £35

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