At a recent committee meeting, we were discussing how members could become more involved. Some people are happy to be on the fringes but not get involved with the committee. If you are one of these people, well this page may be for you .....

What can you do?

You can sew incubator covers or sheets or duvets for the babies.
You could help us source the material (100% cotton or a cotton/polyester mix) for these. We know there is great nursery/craft material in USA so if you know anyone who would be willing to shop and bring back material, please ask them (we will of course reimburse the cost of the material).
Ask a member of staff if any knitting is needed.

When you are ready, you could challenge yourself to do a physical activity and be sponsored for it.

What about:

Take part in a run - 5k, 10k or even a marathon ! As part of a team or on your own, whatever works for you.
Take part in one of the Great Scottish Events - walk, run, toddle ....
Doing an individual challenge and be sponsored for it eg a sponsored parachute jump.
Buy Simpsons Special Care Babies charity Christmas cards (ask at any time of the year to be put on the mailing list).
Buy a car sticker and raise awareness of Simpsons Special Care Babies. The charity has other awareness-raising merchandise. E-mail or phone for more information.
Sharing photographs and the story of your new baby with others can be a source of great inspiration for others.
You could consider talking about you and your family's experiences in the Neonatal Unit to local groups.
Feedback to the charity about your awareness of the charity (knowing this will help us to improve and link with more people).

Any of the above practical things will be a great help.

If you wish to contact a member of Simpsons Special Care Babies please e-mail

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