One of the areas we wanted to cover when we went live with our website was useful information for parents, family or friends about the Neo Natal Unit at Simpsons. Speaking from personal experience, not knowing anything about the unit can add an extra worry in what is already a very anxious time for parents and families. It is something few people know about, unless they have been in direct contact with it through their own child, work or family.

We had intended adding our own page about the unit, with hints and tips for parents. However, a new innovative system has been developed by staff in the unit called BabyView, and this has saved us trouble of doing so. Rather than replicate information from the website, it is much easier simply to provide a link to it.

The website gives parents all the information they need to know about the unit - and more. Parents with a baby in the unit can access pages about their own child - with strict security procedures ensuring they can only access their own baby's details.

It is a wonderful resource for parents-to-be, parents with babies in the unit, family or friends, and is well worth a visit.

To access the BabyView website, click here.

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