Simpsons Babies

With the very Kind permission of parents, we will feature pictures of babies who have been through the unit. These may be recent babies in the unit at the New RIE,) or older pictures of babies at the SMMP. Where available, we will also have "Then and now" pictures.

If you would like to submit any pictures for inclusion in this section, please let us know by e-mail or the Feedback Form.

We are always looking for ways of improving the website, and an idea we have had for the Simpsons Babies page is to include your stories about your experiences of the unit. You do not need to include pictures, unless you want to of course. If you would like to share your story, get in touch by e-mailing us.

Noah Parker
Noah's father, Simon Parker has been in touch to share Noah's story, and to share the message that even thogh things seem tough, the work the staff in the unit do is wonderful and give our children the best chance of the best possible outcome. A sentiment I personally can agree with, and hopefully you do too. You can read his story and see some picture on Noah's Page.

Anya Smith
Emma and William Smith got in touch to give us an update on the progress of their daughter Anya, who was born in October 2010. Their words are far better than mine and you can read their story here.

Zachary Robert Benzie
We have also been sent in a couple of pictures of Zachary Robert Benzie by his parents Sarah and Ryan. Zachary was in the unit in March this year. You can read his story here.

Alex Small
Our Chairperson Sandi Wilkie has shared a her story with us and some pictures of her little girl Alex. You can find them here. Thanks to Sandi for sharing this with us.

Gemma Wallace
After being born at 28+2 little Gemma didn't have the easiest start to her life. Happily, 2 years on she is going from strength to strength and her mum Sam has been in touch to share her story. This can be found by clicking on this link.

Archie Crosby
Archie's mum has been in touch and has shared his story with us. That, and some wonderful and touching pictures can be found by clicking on this link.

Craig Kernachan
Craig was born 11 weeks premature in January 2008. His mum Michelle has been in touch to share their story and some pictures with us, which you can find here.

Janna Marie Molet
Born 8 weeks early in December 2008, Janna Marie was a surprise early Christmas present for her family. Her mum, Bertha, has kindly sent in some pictures and a brief history which you can read here.

Jasmin Eva Notrangelo
Jasmin's mum, May, has kindly sent us her story, simply titled Jasmins Hope Letter. It is a touching and heart warming story to read, along with some "then and now" pictures of her. Click here to read their story.

Dani Smith
Ann Smith got in touch recently to update us on her daughter Dani, who is definitely no longer a baby, as she is approaching 20 ! She has very kindly sent us some text and pictures to put on our website. Click here to read their story.

Abby & Katie Carruthers
Abby and Katie were featured with their mummy, Claire, on their own sponsorship page on our Workwithus fundraising portal. Abbie and Katie were born 13 weeks premature on the 05/07/03 they spent 2 months in 3 different neonatal/special care baby units one of them being Simpsons. They took part in one of the Wee Scottish Walks and have so far raised nearly £350 ! Here is a picture of them after they have completed their walk.
Clcik to enlarge

Connor Clifford
Connor's mum Suzanne recently sent this note to the staff at Simpsons. She has also sent it to us so we can share it with you. Many thanks to Suzanne and Connor for sharing it with us.
Click here to read their story.

John Paul Starrs (Graham)
John Paul Starrs mum Kelly has sent in their story. They had a long struggle with some hard times faced. However, there is a happy ending and hopefully this will be an inspiration to others, that they are not alone and others are going through, or have been through, the same (or similar) situations. Click here to read their story.

Claire & Laura Smith
The remarkable story of Claire and Laura Smith has been kindly shared with us by their mum, Anne. It proves that Simpsons is a wonderful place which serves a much wider area than just the Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians. Click here to read their story.

Emma Sutherland
Emma's mum has kindly sent in these pictures and her story. Many thanks to Emma's family for sharing this with us.

Lucy Fordyce
Lucy was born 12 weeks early on 8 February 2000, and Lucy (with a little help from Mum & Dad) has charted her development for us. Rather then me spoil it by trying to copy onto this page, the best way is simply to use the document as we got it. It is available to download as a PDF (132k). A BIG thank you to Lucy (and her Mum & Dad) for sharing this with us.

Bobbi McBurnie
Bobbi was born on 15 November 2001, and weighed only 1lb 8ozs. Many thanks to Bobbi's family for sharing these pictures and words with us.

Lewis Houliston
The son of our committee members Derek & Jennifer, spent 4 days in intensive care, before graduating to special care for a further 2½ weeks. Click here to see his photos.

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